FightMND Care Initiative

Until there is a cure, we will also care…

Funding Vital Assistive Equipment

The aim of equitable access to equipment for all Australians living with MND around the country

In 2017, FightMND is the largest single funder of new assitive equipment for Australians living with MND. In our first Care Initiative, the Foundation has committed $1.25million to help current MND patients and their families deal with the struggles that a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease brings. In achieving this outcome the foundation has established;

  • A collaborative and dedicated “Care Committee” who actively engage with MND care providers, doctors, allied health professionals, patients, and their families to best assess current MND patients needs.
  • A platform whereby MND care providers and organisations can apply for access to new assitive equipment funded by FightMND. 
  • A process whereby the equipment purchased by the foundation is, to the best of our ability, distributed to those most in need to ensure fair and equitable access to assistive equipment for all Australians with MND
  • A feedback and assessment platform whereby we can constantly help track and assess the ongoing needs of MND patients to help ensure these are continually met as the disease process progresses

We do so in the hopes of maintaining current and future MND patient’s independence and quality of life for as long as possible until effective treatments and ultimately a cure is found.

Date of Opening for 2017 Care Grants Applications will be announced soon

MND Associations in each Australian state can provide help for those seeking support. Call the national freecall number 1800 777 175 to talk to someone from your state association team about support services available. 

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