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To Cure, To Care, To Make Aware

The Cure for MND foundation is a not-for-profit registered charity established in 2014. We aim to raise the profile of Motor Neurone Disease within Australia and abroad in the hopes that increased awareness may lead to not only better care for those affected by the disease, but also increased funding for vital research into finding a cure.

We are Australia’s leading independent MND foundation focused on funding large-scale, collaborative research, clinical trials, and improved care for all Australians living with MND.

Our primary aims are:

To Cure:

The name of our foundation sums it up. We at the Cure For MND foundation are passionate about funding the best and brightest MND research within Australia with the aim of expediting discoveries of potential treatments for MND sufferers, and ultimately to finding a cure. We do this in the hopes of one day living in a world free from MND.

The Cure for MND foundation works alongside other research funding bodies such as the Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia (MNDRIA) who, through their own grants program, fund predominantly early stage discovery phase research in the lab. The Cure for MND Foundation works to then expand upon these preliminary findings by funding the latter stage, large-scale preclinical drug development phases and subsequent roll out into clinical trials for Australian’s living with MND.

To Care:

Until a medical cure is found, it is our belief that each and every MND sufferer and their family deserve to have the ability to continue to participate and thrive within their communities. In this regards, we are passionate about providing equitable access to new vital equipment to these patients in order that they may maintain independence, dignity, and an improved quality of life.

Through our yearly Care Initiative grants program, the Cure for MND Foundation works to support other MND care services and organisations across the country (such as the state based MND Associations) by funding the purchase of vital assistive equipment for MND patients currently living with the disease across the country.

To Make Aware: 

The foundation will continue to push MND into the spotlight in the hopes that by increasing the public profile of Motor Neurone Disease within the Australian and wider communities, governments and pharmaceutical companies will take up the fight and join us in a quest for viable treatments, and an ultimate cure.

As registered charity (ACNC: 62740350704), the Cure For MND Foundation is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with full DGR (deductible gift recipient) status. All donations over $2 to the foundation are fully tax deductible.

A Strategic Approach To Fighting MND

The Cure for MND Foundation prides itself on its operation as a strategy-focused organisation. We have a clear mission – a world free from MND. To achieve this and to help expedite treatments and ultimately find a cure, the Cure for MND Foundation is targeting a real need not currently being addressed effectively in regards to MND research in Australia – to bridge the critical translation gap from laboratory based science through to the delivery of clinical trials. 

Strategic grants: The Cure for MND Foundation actively seeks opportunities to ‘enable’ clinical trials to commence in Australia for Australian MND patients. We work with world class Australian and international MND researchers to identify promising new compounds in the lab, and work collaboratively to develop these potential therapies for roll out into clinical trials across a consortium of hospitals such as the Royal Prince Alfred, Macquarie University, Westmead, Bethlehem & Calvary Health, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s, Flinders Medical Centre, and Fiona Stanley hospitals. These hospitals work together to effectively deliver clinical  trials across the country.

Strategically structured: The Cure for MND Foundation continues to operate as leanly as possible. Our volunteer, skill-based Board of Directors provide expert governance and strategic guidance. To oversee and help deliver on our research aims, the Foundation has also gathered leading Australian and international MND experts and clinicians on our Clinical Trials and Translational Research Advisory Committee (CTAC).

The Cure for MND Foundation Strategic Plan


A world without MND


To Cure, to Care, to Make Aware

About us

Australia’s leading independant foundation focused on funding large-scale collaborative research & improved care for all Australians with MND.

Our Impact

90c in every $1 raised in 2015/2016 was carefully invested into leading research & new care equipment


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Cure MND


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National MND Trials Consortium:

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Independence & Provision of equipment to MND industry groups & clinical providers

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