We lead the fight against MND.

FightMND is Australia’s largest not-for-profit organisation committed to building awareness and to funding research to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). 

We don’t accept that there is no cure for MND and we won’t give up the fight until everyone with MND is receiving treatment.

We are building an army to fight MND because two Australians being diagnosed with MND and two dying from MND every day is too many. 

We won’t stop until everyone with MND is receiving treatment, and until we find a cure.

We fund vital equipment helping Australians who are fighting MND. 

Our committment is that no one will be left behind, and our fight will continue. 

FightMND. It’s what we do and it’s how we will beat this beast of a disease.


Our Impact

We have committed more than $15 million in funds towards research and $1.25 towards equipment to care for MND patients to date.  

Since December 2014, we have raised almost $20 million. 

90% of funds are dedicated to Cure & Care, 7% is donated to awareness and 3% is towards admin.


In 2017, we committed $8.15 million to research aimed at finding a cure which includes 8 research projects.

We have funded 2 clinical trials -Lighthouse Trial and Copper ATSM Trial

We fund a multi-year PhD (Angie Cunningham scholarship $350,000) led by Ted Wang.

What we are fighting

Every day 2 people are diagnosed with MND and 2 people die from MND in Australia. At any given time 2000 Australians are affected and long for a cure.

The average diagnosis with MND involves a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

The risk of being diagnosed is 1 in 350 for men and 1 in 500 for women and 58% of people diagnosed are under 65.

Without you MND will keep on killing…. Click to donate today